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iOS 8 Recovery Mode

iOS 8 Recovery Mode: Put iPhone or iPad into Recovery Mode

Many iPhone fans can’t wait to upgrading iPhone to iOS 8,when the Apple company released the latest iOS 8 operation system and iPhone 6,more and more iPhone users download the iOS 8,the first thing to do is upgrading old iPhone to iOS 8.

Before you upgrading your iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPad ect to iOS 8,the first thing you need to do is putting iPhone or iPad into recovery mode,in order to make sure your important data are safe.What happens when your iPhone or iPad is completely non-responsive, even when connected to iTunes? Or perhaps you need to downgrade from beta software in iOS 7 version. Any of these scenarios will require you to put your iPhone or iPad into Recovery Mode. No need to panic though, today we teach you how to put iPhone, iPad in to recovery mode; in additional,we also teach you how to exit iPhone recovery mode during upgrading to iOS 8,once your iOS 8 iPhone stuck in recovery mode for a long time! Turn your iPhone or iPad off. Hold down the Home button and plug it into.

    Put your iPhone or iPad into Recovery Mode

    Exit iPhone Recovery Mode after iOS 8 Upgrade

Use Guide to Put your iPhone or iPad into Recovery Mode:

1.Turn your iPhone or iPad off.
2.Hold down the Home button and plug it into your computer. Keep holding the Home button until you see a screen telling you to connect to iTunes.
3.iTunes should show you a popup saying that there is an iPhone or iPad that is in Recovery Mode and needs to be restored before you can use it. Click OK.
4.Click on Restore iPhone... — or Restore iPad if that's what you're using.

iphone stuck in recovery mode how to recover iphone data

downgrad ios 8 to ios 7 for iphone

ios 8 recovery mode for iPhone

Exit iPhone Recovery Mode when ios 8 iPhone stuck in recovery mode

That's all there is to it! Just wait for your iPhone or iPad to reboot and you should be good to go again! Keep in mind if you're using Recovery Mode to downgrade firmware, this may not work if you're trying to downgrade to a version that Apple is no longer signing. Older firmwares are not supported and only the most current official version will be verified correctly in iTunes.

Exit iPhone Recovery Mode after iOS 8 Upgrade:

If your iPhone stuck in recovery mode after iOS 8 upgrade,any way to fix theirs iPhone and out of iPhone recovery mode? Some times you device may stuck in recovery mode due to iOS 8 upgrade, downgrade iOS 7 to iOS 8, iOS 8 iPhone jailbreak and so on. So, is there any ways to exit iPhone out of recovery mode without restoring our iPhone?

To exit iPhone recovery mode after iOS 8 upgrade,you can use a third-part iPhone Data Recovery tool,which allows you out of iPhone recovery mode with a click when your iPhone stuck in recovery mode due to iOS upgrade, iOS downgrade, iOS jailbreak and so on. It works well with iPad and iPod.

This iOS Data Recovery also provides you three ways to recover lost data from iPhone, iPad and iPod: directly scan to recover data from iPhone, iPad or iPod, extracting to restore from iTunes or iCloud backup files,even your ios devices were lost or stolen.

You can download a free trial Windows or Mac version by pressing the buttons below.

Tips: The iPhone/iPad/iPod Data Recovery not only can help you exit iPhone recovery mode after iOS 8 upgrade,but also allows you recover contacts, text messages, photos, videos, notes, calendar and more from your iDevices.

After Upgrading iPhone to iOS 8 and Exit iPhone Recovery Mode:

Step 1: Luanch the iPhone Data Recovery and Connect iPhone to PC

Install and launch the iPhone data recovery software after downloading, then connect your iPhone to PC via an Apple USB cable.

Exit iPhone Recovery Mode after Updating to iOS 8

Step 2: Exit Your iPhone Recovery Mode

Now, if your iPhone is stucking at recovery mode, you’ll see that the program detects your iPhone is not in normal mode. You can simply click on the “Restart the device” button to get your iPhone back to normal. The recovery program will automatically help fixing your iPhone.

ios 8 ipad recovery mode

In addition, iPhone Data Recovery provides three methods to recvoer iPhone if your lost your data after updating to iOS 8.

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