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Recover Deleted Photos from Galaxy S6

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Galaxy S6/S6 edge

"Yesterday, I had a fight with my boyfriend because of some trivial things, and I deleted all the photos whose took with him on my Samsung Galaxy S6. This morning, he was holding a large bouquet of flowers and a watch I want for a long time to apologize to me, what's more, he agreed to travel with me next weekend, I was overjoyed and felt touched. However, I very regreted, how do I recover deleted photos, they are very important to me, even worse, I did not back up to the computer before, can I get them all back?"

Accidentally deleted some important photos or pictures, format the SD card carelessly, lost your pictures after rooting? Things like this happen occasionally. So many poeple wanna is there a effective way to retrieve deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S6 mobile phone, such as the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Please don not panic, the Samsung Photos Recovery software will help you bring the deleted files back, not just photos, pictures. The program allows you to directly recover deleted gallery, contacts, text messages, videos, documents,ect from Galaxy S6/S7/S5/S4 and other Samsung Galaxy, or the SD card inside it, as well as other Samsung's Android devices.

Now click to download the trial version below, and try scanning the lost data on your device.

Note: Once you deleted photos, pictures from your Galaxy S6, do not take any new photos, videos or transfer new documents to it, because those deleted files will be overwritten by new data, increasing the difficulty of recovery.

One-Click Recover Photos Pictures fromm Samsung Galaxy S6

Step 1. Launch the program and connect your Galaxy S6 to PC

After installing and running the program on your computer, the primary window will pop up as below, and now you will be reminded to connect your Samsung device to PC via a USB cable.

Recover Text Messages from Samsung Galaxy S3

Note: For the device which has never enable USB debugging, before the program can identify your device, you need to follow the steps showwing on the pop-up window to enable USB debugging to go on. Attention, there is few difference for different Android OS, please choose the corresponding option according to your device's operating system.

Recover Messages from Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5

Step 2. Begin analyzing and scanning the data on your Samsung device

Once enable USB debugging on your device, the program will soon detect your Samsung Galaxy S6. Now please click "Next" to select a file types to scan on the next window.

As you can see, the program provides several types of file for you to scan, including Contacts, Messaging, WhatsApp messages & attachments, Gallery, Audio, Videos and Documents. For photos recovery, to save your time, you just need to select "Gallery" and click "Next".

recover data from samsung smartphone

After then, according to your need, in the new pop-up window, you can select to scan for "deleted files" or "all files" in Standard Mode or Advanced Mode.

After you select a scanning mode and click "Next", the program will automatically analyze and scan the selected type of files on your device. Depending on the amount of your data, the scanning process may need to spend some time, please wait be patient.

Step 3. Preview and Recover Pictures & Photos from Samsung Galaxy S6
At the last step, preview the recoverable file in the category of "Gallery" at the left column of the window, then check the files whatever you want back and click on the "Recover" button to save them on your computer.

Note: In order to completely scan and restore your data, please keep your device connected during the whole scanning and recovery process.

In addation to photos, pictures, the recovery program also allows your to retrieve deleted contacts, text messages, videos, and more with on your Android phone or tablets with a click, not just Samsung, LG, HTC, Motolora, Sony, HuaWei, ZTE, Acer, Google

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