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Sync Android to iPhone Mac

How to Transfer Data Between iPhone and Android on Mac

As for many Mac users, they like Mac rather than other PC, because the Mac OS system with high efficiency, high degree of  optimization, graphics performance is strong, and the overall design is very harmonious and beautiful, and so on. However,  Mac users tend to be at the same time is also the iPhone or android mobile phone users, so the problem of compatibility  often plagued by most Mac users, profoundly understand when you want to transfer your data from your iPhone to Android, or  from Android to iPhone devices, really going to mad. So, if you want to transfer your data easily, premise must first solve  the problem of compatibility. While, what can you do? Install a lot of complex driver, bear the risk of those you don't  know, or dual system installed on your Mac? In fact, what you need is just a reliable transfer tool, just like the  MobileTrans For Mac.

MobileTrans For Mac, an actually phone data transmission software which developed in order to solve the problem of  compatibility. MobileTrans For Mac allows you one click to transfer data like contacts, text messages, video, photos, music,  audio and more between iPhone and Android, and without any risk and hinder. What's more, the program even compatible with  all iPhone devices and almost all Andriod devices, including HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony, Motolora, Google, HuaWei, ZTE, and so  on. If you owned both a Mac and a PC at the same time, you can also read more about the MobileTrans for Windows, you can get  more solutions of transferring data between Android, Symbian, BlackBerry and iPhone devices with the MobileTrans for  Windows.

You can free download a trial version by clicking the buttons below:

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How to Transfer Contacts, SMS, Mucic ,Photos and more Between iPhone and Android

Step 1: Launch the program and connect both of your devices to Mac

Install and launch the transfer program on your Mac. Then connect both of your devices to your Mac by using USB cables. Once  recognized, your devices will show up in the window as the below picture. You can click on the "Flip" button to exchange  your devices' positions.

Note: Before you can successfully transfer your data, you need to install iTunes on your Mac first. Up to now, the program  is compatible with iTunes 11 and later.

Step 2: Transfer content from iPhone to Android, and vice versa

Once your devices are detected, the program will automatically scan your device, after a while, all the transferable content  are listed in the middle pane of window, like contacts, text messages, photos, music, etc. Just tick those what you want and  click "Start Copy". The transfer process begins. Be sure not to disconnect either device. When it’s completed, click OK,  the content will be on your destination device.


More About the MobileTrans Tool

Comparison between the Windows and Mac Version
Key Features Wondershare MobileTrans (Windows) Wondershare MobileTrans for Mac
Transfer Android to iOS
Transfer Android to Android
Transfer iOS to Android
Convert audio and video
Copy data to/from Nokia(Symbian)  
Restore any supported phone from backup files created by MobileTrans, iTunes & BlackBerry® Desktop Suite.  


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