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Delete Android Messages

How to Permanent Delete Messages from Android

Caroline is the wife of my boss, she is also the administrative manager of our company. Because of the needs of work, we often together, gradually, we began dating in private, apparently, her husband still did not know. However, I think we can't  do so any more, I tried to refuse the Caroline's request, but she was very angry, and threaten me with the messages I sent to her previous. I know that I need this job, I can't let my boss and family know that. I think I have a way to get her Samsung Galaxy S5, wheather there is a reliable way that can permanent delete all messages from Android device?

Wanting a simple but safe way to permanent erase all messages or the delete messages from your Android device? The more important is all the erased data can not being restored? To completely meet your needs, we recommend you to use the Android Data Eraser.

Android Data Eraser is an all-round data wiping software, which allows you to permanent delete all data or the deleted data like messages, contacts, call logs, photos, video and more from your Android device with a click, and ensure all the erased data 100% unrecoverable, even using the most professional data reovery tool, including Android Data Recovery. Now to free download trial version and try wiping your Android messages with a clcik.

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Permanent Erase Android Messages Without Restore

Step 1. Launch the program and backup your Android to PC

You'd better backup your data from Android to PC before erasing your data, so that you can still recover what you want. Once the deletion is finished, nothing can being recovered. You can direct backup your Android to PC with this Android Data  Eraser.

Install and run the Android Data Eraser, then connect your Android to PC via an USB cable, when you can see the primary window, click "Back Up Your Phone" to bring out the backup window to backup your Android to PC.

Step 2. Back to homepage and choose the erased mode

If done, go back to the primary window can click "Erase Your Old Phone" to enable the erasing program.

Step 3. Permanent delete all messages and other data from your Android

Now you can click on "Erase Now" to begin erasing all the (deleted) messages and other data from your Android with a clcik.

More Features of The Android Data Eraser

Transfer data from phone to phone (They can be Android, iDevice, Symbian, and even BlackBerry)
* Backup data from phone to PC
* Restore the saved backup file to any supported devices
* Permanent erase all data or the deleted data from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch


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