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iOS 9 Data Recovery: Recover iPhone Lost Data after iOS 9 Upgrade

iOS 9 Features: List Of Best Feature And Upgrades

After a much warmed welcome of iOS 8, we are very much excited for iOS 9. The features iPhone user expected in iOS 8, are not all full filled by Apple and may be Apple has planned to release in iOS 9.

As we all know iOS 8 beta version is now available for developer which has lived up to the hype of people expectation. The features announced in iOS 8 are cool but on some side user where a bit underwhelmed. For example, lock screen, the screen transitions and the animations are unchanged in iOS 8 which user are disappointed with.

Here we shared expected features of iOS 9:

1. Multi-Screen Option: The solution for this problem is that there should be multi-screen option that can split our phones or tablets screen into multiple part so that user can able to see the his important scene of movie as well as able to see the important mail.

2. Health Care and Fitness:That feature have some extra things like if we are running

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