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Recover iPhone Lost Data after iOS 9 Upgrade

iOS 9 Features: List Of Best Feature And Upgrades
After a much warmed welcome of iOS 8, we are very much excited for iOS 9. The features iPhone user expected in iOS 8, are not all full filled by Apple and may be Apple has planned to release in iOS 9.

As we all know iOS 8 beta version is now available for developer which has lived up to the hype of people expectation. The features announced in iOS 8 are cool but on some side user where a bit underwhelmed. For example, lock screen, the screen transitions and the animations are unchanged in iOS 8 which user are disappointed with.

Here we shared expected features of iOS 9:

1. Multi-Screen Option: The solution for this problem is that there should be multi-screen option that can split our phones or tablets screen into multiple part so that user can able to see the his important scene of movie as well as able to see the important mail.

2. Health Care and Fitness:That feature have some extra things like if we are running then it should show your heart beat rate, It should show your blood pressure etc.

3. Front Camera with Flash white Screen
: This function can manage built in feature of flash white screen that can work like LED flash. This will capture the picture in high quality from front camera as well.

4. Remote Viewing Option: You can configure your desktop or pc remotely from your mobile devices. The iOS 9 may be release with this extra feature that it can be possible via cloud or any other option.

5. High Security with Location Tracker:
 The iOS 9 devices that will be join with your mail id and your security option i.e. if someone who does not know about your pattern, he will try with wrong pattern and at the same time you will be get a mail with location of your mobile phone. This feature may be release in iOS 9.

Many Apple fans look forward to the new iOS 9 release,once the iOS 9 operation system released,more and more iPhone users want to update their iOS devices to the latest iOS 9 system, However, many of the more forward-looking users have set their sights on the upcoming of iOS 9.
Before upgrading your iPhone 6/6 plus, iPhone 5s/5 to iOS 9,you must to backup iPhone data,because once iOS update may cause erase all contents on iPhone,if you don’t want data lossing,you can use this iPhone Data Transfer to backup sms, contacts, photos, videos,ect from iPhone to computer.

If you forget back iPhone data before iOS 9 upgraind and cause lost data,please don’t worry,you still have chance to restore iPhone lost data after iOS 9 update.

The iOS 9 iPhone Data Recovery can help you Restore Data from iPhone iPad and iPod Touch after iOS 9 Upgrade/Downgrade/Jailbreak,with this iOS Data Recovery software,you can restore your iPhone lost data in three recovery modes: Directly recover lost from iPhone, extract and restore data from iTunes or iCloud backup files. The iPhone iPad Data Recovery allows you recover contacts, text messages, photos, videos, call history, notes, WhatsApp data, calendar and more from iPhone iPad iPod after iOS 9 upgrade, iOS 9 downgrade, even iOS jailbreak.

What’s more, the ios data recovery program also enable

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