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iPhone air/iPhone6 ​​rumor rollup

The new iphone will always attract a lot of people's eyes, and for the new guess people are always bored, iPhone6 ​​well.
Just when Apple fans around the world are anxiously waiting for the latest iPhone news, rumors about the next-generation flagship iPhone news waves. Today I sorted out the recent critical analysis of the industry as well as other multi-media channels rumors of rumors fruit powder offer a gluttonous feast.

Model Size:
Some industry media have predicted that Apple will release two iPhone 6 new models later this year. It is said that the next generation iPhone will be a 4.7 and 5.5 -inch screen models , but there are rumors in the previous version of the screen will be 5.7 inches . No matter how prevalent rumor , a common undeniable that the iPhone 6 models than the current 4-inch big screen iphone 5s . In addition, the glass of the screen pass downwardly along said curved edge .

iPhone 6 rumors will be equipped with the current iPhone 5S same 8-megapixel camera. Nomura Securities analyst , said the higher resolution would be less likely to occur , but the new camera will have some small upgrades that will increase the OIS optical image stabilization feature .
Earlier rumors iPhone 6 will be equipped with a 16 million pixel camera , but then was replaced by 8,000,000 pixels rumors. Apple iphone 4s in its 2011 after three generations of the iPhone has been using a 800-megapixel back camera. The current iPhone 5S 8MP camera configuration , with more than 4S upgrades, including a larger aperture , the greater the pixel dimensions , software upgrades , and new "True Tone" dual LED flash.
Recently, Largan 's share price fell slightly , as a camera module is designed to provide digital cameras , smart phones, tablet computers and other equipment major supplier Largan rumored Apple will supply 16 million pixel camera , but Apple rumors on its next-generation iPhone will follow 8000000 pixel camera , the weak price trend does not seem to be optimistic investors.
However, analysts at Nomura Securities also believes that if the iPhone 6 cameras continue with 8,000,000 pixels unchanged, although seemingly not conducive Largan 's share price increase, but from a technical point of view, in the light-sensitive components to achieve the quality requirements of smaller under the lens group needs a larger aperture and higher resolution , making the difficulty is obviously increased , which for Largan but is more profitable.

" Electronic Times" quoted sources of the supply chain , said on the upcoming iPhone 6 will be equipped with a 20nm processor to undertake the production of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company . It seems , iPhone 6 equipped A8 processor is imperative.

Production line:
On Thursday , an Apple iPhone 6 to undertake the production of the production chain, rumors surfaced. There are rumors that the Pegatron will iPhone6 ​​orders up to 50% of new production capacity . And the company is currently producing for Apple ipad mini and iphone5c major suppliers .


According to legend, the thickness of the new generation of models than ever 6mm either an iPhone is thinner. the thickness of the iPhone 5S of 7.6mm, the thickness of the iPhone 5c of 9mm. There are rumors that , iPhone 3GS 12 mm thickness will be twice the next iPhone . This means that the next generation iPhone rumors just 6mm thickness may eventually be true .

Recently , C Tech website uploaded images iPhone 6 is said to be the metal framework. If the leaked photos are true, then how come true rumor seems to frame size from 4.7 to 5 inches big screen . The images of thin metal frame to be thinner than the previous iPhone .

South Korean media also seems to support the industry's only for iPhone 6 rumors slim 6mm border thickness , there is a Korean media market research report pointed out that the next generation iPhone will " significantly " thinner , they said the news from Apple's current one Chinese supply chain. The source also said that the next generation iPhone will not be called the iPhone 6, but in the iPhone Air name instead.


Of course , the price of the new iPhone 6 is expected to be clearly higher than in all previous models of Apple , but the price will be different because of regional differences . For example , to unlock the iPhone 5C in China priced at more than $ 500, while in other places it may cost more than $ 700.

Published for the iPhone 6 rumors from May 2014 to September has been rumored mixed. However , nine calendar of the year to all Apple debut their latest products traditional time . The " Electronic Times " quoted sources within the supply chain , the rumors that Apple will launch the next generation iPhone in May 2014 , however , the release time is still there . ** Card. So , as a fruit powder , we now only in the much-anticipated avalanche of rumors , and slowly enjoy the process of waiting for the arrival of the new bar .

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