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iPad Pro equipped with screens 12 inches or a hybrid design

Apple Macbook products named affecting iPad, since the launch of iPad Air, all aspects of the review have shown that Apple may launch this year a larger size of the iPad, which is the so-called "iPad Pro". Independent analyst tech-thoughts site Sameer Singh believes that Apple is likely for enterprise and business areas, the introduction of larger iPad.

Targeting high-end market share declined to respond

In 2013 , Apple iPad suffered a decline in market share of the bottleneck , and Android tablet is increased significantly. This happens mainly because the increase in demand for low-end tablet PC users , but such as Google Nexus 7, the Amazon Kindle Fire and other products, prices are around $ 230 ( about 1400 yuan ) . In contrast, Apple iPad mini version of the retina prices close to $ 400 , even the first generation of iPad mini, must spend at least $ 300 , the price gap is still very clear.

And because Apple has resisted entering the low-end market, so strong in the face of low-end Android field , the only option is to release more growth in sales of high-end products to attract high-end users ample pockets , there are likely to open a new business market .

Another argument in favor of this statement , it is the last launch of the Apple iPhone 5c . Apparently, Apple does not like consumers wish, the iPhone 5c Positioning entry-level products, but by redesigning and re- positioning as a second flagship sales. Obviously , in a very long time, Apple will not easily enter the low-end market, lower product quality, but the older models as sales of low-end models ( such as iPhone 4s, iPad 2 , etc. ) .

Equipped with screens 12 inches or a hybrid design

So, now rumored iPad Pro, will have a design and how it is configured . Currently most of the rumors are concentrated in the 12 -inch screen, is more suitable for the office , is designed to operate , while perhaps a hybrid design, through the keyboard port or shells and other accessories to achieve a physical keyboard input. If Microsoft will launch iOS version of Office applications this year , then the iPad will significantly enhance the ability of the office .

In addition , iPad Pro or will be equipped with more powerful A8 processor , performance is more powerful than the iPad Air . However, if the machine is really using a 12-inch screen , and perhaps will own 11-inch Macbook Air have some impact , if Apple does not stop the 11-inch Macbook Air, it is possible to develop an affordable price for the iPad Pro, higher than the iPad Air and below 11 inches Macbook Air, so it can compensate for a product positioning vacancies.

According to Apple 's CEO spoke earlier , Apple will launch in 2014 a new concept or product . The main scope of the speculation focused on smart watches iWatch, smart TV iTV, but the large size of the iPad may also belong to his " big plan " range.

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